How to Use Steam Iron Like a Pro

Wearing perfectly ironed clothes bears great importance as it boosts your confidence level. You will catch every eye around you due to your charismatic and charming personality that is not only dependent on your features and figure but also the perfect dressing sense and style. A good but wrinkled dress will nullify the effect of other aspects. So, results in low confidence.

Not everyone can afford the expenses of giving their clothes to the shop to get them ironed properly. So investing an economical price over the premium-quality steam iron is the perfect option for everyone. Not only it will give you crisp and fresh dresses for your party or office meeting, but it will save a lot of your money in the long run.

You will be absolved of the hedge of giving your dress to the dry cleaner each time you need wrinkle-free clothes. You must also realize what difference the steam iron makes when it irons your clothes as compared to the dry iron. With the steam iron, you don’t have to spray water over the bad creases every five seconds to make the area wrinkle-free. You just need to glide it over your clothes and get the desired results.

There are two broad styles for a steam iron. One is the traditional style steam iron that needs the iron board to iron your clothes. The other one is the most admired and lovely style steam iron. We call it the vertical steamer. It looks smarter and doesn’t need an iron board or surface for clothes to be pressed. Though it is more expensive than the traditional steam iron, yet it is more convenient and stylish.

If you want to use steam iron like a pro, there are some effective ways that you should adopt to achieve your goal. Becoming a professional like the dry cleaners and get perfectly ironed clothes is not something beyond your approach. Just knowing and doing some simple quick tricks can make you a pro. Now you can say bye-bye to your dry cleaner and get crisp dresses for any event.

You just need some tools and tips to use steam iron like a pro. Let us see every tool and tip in detail to get a better understanding of the article.

Tools You Need to Iron Like a Professional

There is some beneficial equipment that you must carry beside you when you are ironing your clothes. Using these handy things, you can get the best ironing result. The ironed dress will be much better in quality than the expensively ironed clothes from a dry-cleaner shop.

The first and foremost thing is to have superb quality steam iron that will not compromise the quality and efficiency of ironing. You should check the quick features of every steam iron when you are choosing one for yourself.

The next thing you will need is the ironing board. Without the hard surface, you will not get efficient performance with your steam iron. So, the ironing board serves to make the ironing much convenient for you. It is available in a variety of designs. It can be foldable or can come with storage options like built-in cabinets.

Then you need a cover for your ironing that protects your ironing board and adds to its design. The material of the cover is important to consider when you are buying it. A heavy felt and cotton material does not stick to the clothes. So, they’ll be a better choice.

Finally, you need a pressing cloth that you can place between the dress and the steam iron to save your expensive dress from any mishap. Some fibers burn more rapidly than others and it can destroy the finishing of the dress. Therefore, you just need a simple cotton fabric as a pressing cloth.

Tips On How To Use A Steam Iron

The first thing professionals do when they begin their work is setting the steam iron temperature according to the fabric of your dress. The dial of the steam iron contains instructions about it. You can also have a look at the How Steam Iron Works.

The best way in which a pro irons his cloth is by gliding the steam iron in a vertical or horizontal motion. Keep in mind not to iron the dress in the round motion as it can break some delicate fibers of the cloth.

For ironing wool, always remember to place the pressing cloth between the steam iron and the wool cloth.

You can get the best professional results if you iron the dress right after washing. To maintain the fresh and wrinkle-free dress, hang it immediately after ironing.

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