How does a steam generator iron work?

How steam generator irons work

Ironing is a hectic task. Imagine a pile of clothes and no time to iron them. Well, this might not sound so complex if you invest in something that is easy to use and has many features. For this purpose, a steam generator is the best choice as it not only saves time but also … Read more

How to Use Steam Iron Like a Pro

How to Use Steam Iron Like a Pro

Wearing perfectly ironed clothes bears great importance as it boosts your confidence level. You will catch every eye around you due to your charismatic and charming personality that is not only dependent on your features and figure but also the perfect dressing sense and style. A good but wrinkled dress will nullify the effect of … Read more

How to Iron Polyester: No Melting, Scorching or Staining

How to Iron Polyester

Most people are already familiar with the notion that you shouldn’t iron polyester-based fabrics. This is because polyester is a synthetic fabric and this makes it quite vulnerable to melting, burning, and easily getting damaged. To make things easier, we have this in-depth guide on how to iron polyester fabric in a way that ensures … Read more