10 best steam generator irons to buy for your home

The right steam generator irons takes the chore out of ironing, with its continuous flow of steam that bypasses your need to top up water. Steaming should be quick and hassle-free.  But is difficult to find out the right one that save your time as well as give smooth and shine to your cloths.

According to Best Steam Generator irons Uk company Bosch – Steam generator irons don’t just create super-hot steam; they also include a large tank to hold more water for longer ironing sessions. Our 10 Best steam generator iron reviews present irons that carefully handpicked to help you find the best model for your needs.  Finding a steamer can be a labor of love.

Most importantly, best ironing systems of steam generator iron minimizes the risk of scorching — not just on synthetic fabrics such as microfiber, but on natural materials such as cotton and linen too. So, keep reading and you’ll end up finding a right choice according to your needs. Also, check out some of the How does a steam generator iron work.

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10 Best Steam Generator Iron – UK Reviews

Need a quick fix to revise all the products at a glance? Here’s our comparison table for Best Steam Generators Irons 2022

Which is the best steam iron for hard water areas

Philips GC9650/80 PerfectCare Elite
Philips GC9650/80 PerfectCare Elite – Joint best steam generator iron
  • Features: Weight 5.34 Kilograms, Power 2400 Watts, Soleplate ‎Ceramic
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Philips Elite Plus GC9682/86 PerfectCare
Philips Elite Plus GC9682/86 PerfectCare
  • Features: Weight 5.1 Kilograms, Power 2700 Watts, Soleplate Plastic
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Philips PerfectCare Compact GC7808/40
Philips PerfectCare Compact GC7808/40
  • Features: Weight 2.95 Kilograms, Power 2400 Watts, Soleplate ‎Ceramic
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Tefal Pro Express GV9550 High Pressure
Tefal Pro Express GV9550 High Pressure
  • Features: Weight 5.54 Kilograms, Power 2400 Watts, Soleplate Ceramic
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Morphy Richards 332014 Power
Morphy Richards 332014 Power
  • Features: Weight 4.9 Kilograms, Power 2400 Watts, Soleplate Ceramic
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Polti Vaporella Next VN18.15
Polti Vaporella Next VN18.15
  • Features: Weight 5.9 Kilograms, Power 2400 Watts, Soleplate Ceramic
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Swan ProSteam Non-Stick
Swan ProSteam Non-Stick
  • Features: Weight 2.5 Kilograms, Power 2200 Watts, Soleplate ‎Stainless Steel
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Breville 2400 W PressXpress
Breville 2400 W PressXpress
  • Features: Weight 4 Kilograms, Power 2400 Watts, Soleplate Ceramic
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Laurastar 2200 watts Lift Steam Iron
Laurastar 2200 watts Lift Steam Iron
  • Features: Weight 12.13 Pounds, Power 2200 Watts, Soleplate Ceramic
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Rowenta Perfect DG8624U1 Pro Station
Rowenta Perfect DG8624U1 Pro Station
  • Features: Weight 4.2 Kilograms, Power 1800 Watts, Soleplate STAINLESS STEEL
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Philips GC9650/80 PerfectCare Elite – Joint best steam generator iron

Philips GC965080 PerfectCare Elite – best steam generator iron

Perfect for any fabric, this Philips 5.34 Kilograms iron delivers maximum steam to help remove creases faster, for stunning results on all of your garments. Complete with a soft, comfortable grip that allows you to iron long periods without feeling tired or burning your hand.

 A safety feature means that the hot soleplate can remain on top of the ironing board whilst you are choosing your next garment−meaning no burnt fingers! The 1.8 Litre water tank is removable for easy filling and emptying. The Philips 23.3 x 28.5 x 45.3 centimetres Steam Generator Iron has a powerful steam boost of 500 g and lets you iron your fabrics like silk and jeans without adjusting the temperature setting.

This Philips iron is equipped with Silent Steam and delivers more silent steam than leading competitor models for more powerful ironing results. Thanks to our unique Steam Boost (500 g), you can use this steamer as a handheld garment steamer as well as a conventional upright steam iron. The comfortable, ergonomic design makes ironing easier, and its steam boost feature is unique to Philips.

Thanks to the SmartSteamPro controllers ergonomic design for comfortable handling, you can master every garment type quickly and easily – from silk to jeans – without having to set a temperature for preferential care.

What do we like?

  • Produces steam at twice the pressure for pressing
  • 2x faster than other steam irons
  • Approved by independent textile UK experts for faster ironing

What don’t we like?

  • Seems bulky iron

Philips Elite Plus GC9682/86 PerfectCare – Best for large family

Philips Elite Plus GC968286 PerfectCare - best ironing systems

The Philips GC9682/86 delivers perfect steam for all your ironing needs. Enjoy the ultimate professional results on even the thickest fabrics–without having to regulate its temperature. Ideal for large family clothes as it can handle a wide variety of fabrics from silk to jeans without the need to adjust the temperature.

The no-drip 1.8 L detachable water tank is easy to fill and remove, while the iron Lock. A perfect combination of innovative technology, 2400 watts of power, and a 2.5L detachable water tank creates ultimate steam performance for large baskets.

Ultimate 5100 Grams Steam iron feature automatically adjusts the steam for optimal crease removal on all fabric types. Featuring safety auto-off, safety-lid lock, and carry Lock for transporting.  Thus, the Black/Gold Ultimate 23.3 x 45.3 x 28.5 centimetres Steam iron Technology heats water instantly to create high-pressure steam so you can get rid of wrinkles faster than ever before.

What do we like?

  • There’s no need to change the temperature setting
  • Optimal TEMP technology automatically adjusts the temperature
  • Unique vertical steam function removes wrinkles from hanging garments

What don’t we like?

  • Not energy efficient at all

Philips PerfectCare Compact GC7808/40 – Best Value steam generator iron

Philips PerfectCare Compact GC780840 - best buy steam generator iron

Designed with easy-iron technology and a compact design for maximum comfort and convenience, Philips GC7808/40 iron is the perfect partner for any occasion. It only needs up to 2 minutes to heat up and offers a steam boost for fast and efficient ironing. Thus, The 280g Steam Boost Philips Iron large, clear filling spout for easy filling and cleaning.

While the 1.5 L [Energy Class A] transparent water tank allows you to see exactly when it’s time to refill. For innovative durability with an ultra-smooth glide, we’ve built-in scratch. The Philips PerfectCare is compact in size but big in function. The Philips PerfectCare Compact steam iron lets you steam through your entire wardrobe effortlessly, removing creases in both delicate and stubborn fabrics.

This way you get professional results in less time with 2400 watts. The transparent water tank shows when it needs refilling which won’t interrupt your ironing thanks to its auto-off feature once it’s empty. Even with all this power, there are only two buttons on the appliance so you spend less time setting up cord storage allows you to hide away the 2m cord for easy storage.

What do we like?

  • 280g/min continuous steam, and extra-long, continuous steam
  • Large water tank gives you up to 1.5 hours of continued ironing
  • Cleaning system delivers lasting performance for years

What don’t we like?

  • It has no unlimited warranty

Tefal Pro Express GV9550 High Pressure – Best for fast crease removal

Tefal Pro Express GV9550 High Pressure - best steam generator

The Tefal Pro Iron is engineered to deliver high performance. However, it has high power and long lasting anti-drip and anti-scale protection. It has up to 8 bars of pressure, glide soleplate for fast ironing, steaming wand to remove creases.

Further, this iron is providing double protection to care for your fabrics and your iron and up to 520g/min boost function for vertical steaming or stubborn creases. Set your style free with the high pressure steam generator iron, Tefal Pro Express GV9550.

Up to 520g/min burst of steam can be generated in just 5 seconds to tackle stubborn creases and vertical steaming for curtains and drapes. The large 1.9 liter tank gives up to 3 hours of ironing on a full tank and under double protection anti-drip and anti-scale up to 1000 hours between descaling, it will also protect your clothes.

Additionally, this iron allows you to easily create continuous steam for smooth creases and vertical steaming to remove stubborn creases. It also comes with useful anti-drip/anti-scale features to take care of your iron and your clothes.

What do we like?

  • Double protection anti-drip/anti-scale system
  • Latest Tefal glide technology making it glide effortlessly
  • Priority moisture control to ensure the best performance

What don’t we like?

  • Not budget friendly iron

Morphy Richards 332014 Power – Joint best steam generator iron

Morphy Richards 332014 Power GreenWhite - best steam generators

The Morphy Steam Elite is our range of steam generator irons that deliver professional performance at the push of a button. However, innovative Auto-clean technology that removes virtually all lime scale build-up in just 5 minutes.

This versatile 4.9 Kilograms iron has adjustable steam settings.Well, along with a 200g pressure for breezing through tough creases. Thus, this product is designed to save you time while delivering ultimate performance.

With an extra-large 2.2L water tank, you won’t have to refill. as often while the Auto-Clean function makes light work of limescale build up while the safety lock guarantees peace of mind while still in use. The Morphy 38 x 21.4 x 29.5 centimetres Steam Generator Iron combines ultimate steam power deliver crease busting steam.

Moreover, that can penetrate creases and multiple layers of fabric, cutting your ironing time down in half. With a variable steam 2400 watts setting and a safety lock, it is suitable for all fabrics from delicate silks to the toughest cottons..

What do we like?

  • Auto Clean system makes it clean itself while you iron
  • You can iron for longer with less refilling
  • Burst of steam for vertical steaming

What don’t we like?

  • It is so heavy iron

Polti Vaporella Next VN18.15- Best for safety

Polti Vaporella Next VN18.15- best value steam generator iron

The Polti Vaporella Next iron has a powerful 5.5 bar boiler with unlimited autonomy and 15 bar pumps to give you sufficient steam immediately. The turbo function gets the most stubborn creases out in one pass. Its innovative 360° fluid Curve soleplate lets you glide smoothly over your clothes. it has perfect results in one pass, optimal steam distribution for multidirectional ironing around corners or obstacles.

The Soleplate is rounded to make it easier for you to navigate obstacles when ironing.  Italian design with easy-to-use cleaning system, cork handle, turbo function for stubborn creases. Ideal for the whole family. This iron is a must-have for fashion-conscious gals. The non-stick ceramic bottom plate is easy to clean and scratch resistant for a smooth glide.

Additionally, the new Polti Vaporella Next is available in your home the world’s most advanced ironing method with one touch operation. The Polti Vaporella Next iron is an iron that is easy to use and convenient. With a 24,000 watt/230-volt turbo function, you can press clothes like a professional. 15 bar steam pump, unlimted power, Rapid heat-up to 230C/450F in just 40 seconds, Innovative fill window that displays the water level with every refill.

What do we like?

  • Anti-drip system & auto shut off
  • Heats up 7x faster than standard steam irons
  • Boiler lights up to 15 bars for unlimited autonomy

What don’t we like?

  • Not a best design

Swan ProSteam Non-Stick – Best budget steam generator iron

Swan ProSteam Non-Stick - the best steam generator iron

The Swan 2.5 Kilograms ProSteam Non Stick Steam Generator iron will help you iron your clothes with ease. The powerful 2200 W steam generator iron offers an efficient 100 g/min. 19 x 38 x 27 centimetres iron can quickly and easily tackle tough creases for smooth-as-new performance.

convenient on-board fabric spray button helps you dampen clothes before ironing to ensure that tough creases are removed quickly and easily. while the 180g thermostat control with steam boost option. The non-stick soleplate is ideal for tackling stubborn creases and will glide through garments easily.

Perfect for tackling tough creases on all fabrics, this iron heats up quickly. Designed with cord storage to keep your power cable neat and tidy, the steam generator iron also has an ergonomic handle for extra comfort. The ProSteam iron can be used on all garments, removing creases and setting out curtains. It can even remove creases from dry cleaning-damaged fabrics.

What do we like?

  • Powerful 2200 W motor makes quick work of even tough creases
  • Built-in cord storage at the base
  • Non-stick, anti-fingerprint coating gives smooth performance

What don’t we like?

  • It is so bulky and heavy

Breville 2400 W PressXpress – Best for ease of use

Breville 2400 W PressXpress - best steam iron generator

Breville revolutionary new design gives you the freedom to iron anywhere: its cordless, portable, and easy to store. The 2400 W power featuring severaltimes saving features including an auto shut-off feature and an anti-scale Smart indicator.

However, the PressXpress™ Iron takes the chore out of ironing making it easier than ever before. The 1.7 L water tank gives longer ironing sessions between refills. moreover, iron features an automatically engaged Dry Tank alert system. The temperature control was adjustable, which gave a wider range of temperature options to tackle a wider range of clothing materials.

The Breville PressXpress steam generator iron automatically turns itself off if left unused for 5 minutes, cutting down on energy costs. An Anti-Scale smart system ensures efficient ironing, and a handy Dry Tank alert tells you when it’s time to refill. The amount of steam it produced was excellent at blasting out tough wrinkles.

What do we like?

  • 4 temperature settings to suit all of your fabrics
  • Auto-Drain, Variable Steam and Dry System for easy ironing
  • An Anti-Scale smart system ensures efficient ironing

What don’t we like?

  • Delay when doing steaming

Laurastar 2200 watts Lift Steam Iron – best Portable steam generator iron

Laurastar 2200 watts Lift Steam Iron - iron steam generator

Steam iron your favorite fabric effortlessly with this Laurastar steam iron. The powerful 2200 watts of power eliminate wrinkles in a few quick strokes. A special design enables the use of the iron by both left and right-handers.  A 16.6 x 11.5 x 5 inches Microfine Steam also lets you purify your textiles to eliminate bothersome allergens, bacteria, viruses, mites, and fungi.

Make your life easier with this fully loaded Laurastar steam iron. This 2200 watts Wattage Steam Iron features a vertical steam system with a powerful burst of steam. moreover, it helps to remove creases from your clothes and hygienically sanitise them testing

Furthermore, Laurastar offers a powerful steam output to get rid of wrinkles faster and better than traditional iron. In fact, this 12.13 Pounds professional iron is designed for left and right-handed use to ensure easy use, and its ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to grip. The steam also adjusts to three different settings so you can get the optimal amount of pressure for your fabric type.

What do we like?

  • Stainless steel soleplate with a sharp-edged V shape
  • Slim, lightweight design makes it easier to handle
  • Deliver powerful steam in 3 different temperatures

What don’t we like?

  • Get malfunctioned sometimes

Rowenta Perfect DG8624U1 Pro Station -Steam Generator iron for the USA

Rowenta Perfect DG8624U1 Pro Station - electric steam generators

The Perfect DG8624U1 Ultra Power Steam Station is a multifunctional ironing system designed to tackle all your ironing needs. however, it combines the power of 1800W fast heat up with 430g/min burst of steam and powerful 3D steam chambers to remove creases faster than before. Furthermore, it features patented Calcium collecting technology.

Moreover, it ensures long lasting steam performance along with an easy view water tank, easy and safe locking system, and the ability to use tap water for convenience. With 5 Layers of protection, 1 year warranty and Rowenta’s standard 1-year free service included, the Iron provides a helping hand where you.

The Rowenta29.85 x 35.56 x 45.72 inches ironing center with 1400 watts of power provides fast heat up for trousers and jacket sleeves, as well as delicate baby clothes. The nozzle-less vertical Steam Chamber offers optimum precision which eliminates the need for direct contact between the garment and the steam head.

Patented calcium collecting technology provides long lasting steam performance and a self-clean function.  However, this product features a steam button that can easily be operated using one hand to start the steam function. This automatic shut-off ensures worry-free ironing.

What do we like?

  • 5 Layers of protection, and 1 year warranty
  • Made in Europe with meticulous craftsmanship
  • Excellent performance with durability

What don’t we like?

  • It doesn’t give enough steam and heat

Buying guide for the Best Steam Generator irons

Our expert testers, with experience in everything from fashion to IT, compared these steam generator irons on the following criteria: how easy they are to fill; the weight of the iron; how good they are at gliding over cloth; and their durability.

Check water tanks

A tank capacity between 1.5 and 2.2 litres will reduce your refills per use, making this the ideal choice for people with busy lifestyles.A bigger tank equals fewer refills, which is time that you don’t have to spend wrangling with your iron. Pick an iron with a 2 litre tank or above for less hassle.

What is Steam shot

A steam shot is a burst of steam that briefly increases the amount of steam coming from the iron. This allows you to tackle creases that are particularly stubborn or in hard-to-reach areas. The ideal steam shot delivers a powerful but controllable burst of continuous steam for tackling stubborn creases as well as those in hard-to-reach areas.

However, the models we’ve tested range from 230g/min to 600g/min. The steam shot is a jet of steam generated by some models instantly and without fuss.  The steam generated through this feature helps us to iron shirts and dresses with creases and pleats more easily.

Anti-scale iron

With Anti-scale, you can prevent the formation of limescale more efficiently. With anti-scale function, you won’t need to descale your Tecsy steam generator iron as frequently as Tecsy steam generator irons. The steam generator features an automatic anti-scale function, meaning that less lime scale can clog the steam vents.

Anti-scale is a function that prevents white scale deposits from adhering to your iron. Furthermore, anti-scale is a fine powder that coats the heating element. however, using an iron with an anti-scale function helps you prevent problems caused by unwanted white scale buildup. Well, it is keeping your iron operating at peak efficiency even after months of use.

Check Wattage for steamer

If you invest in an iron that boasts a higher wattage, this will heat up faster. Most models fall in the range of 2,000-5,300 Watts. For best results, look for a model with 5,500 watts of steam power. One hundred watts or more is advisable if you want your iron to heat up quickly (and the right steam generator irons can be ready within 60 to 90 seconds).

Frequently Asked questions

What exactly is a steam generator iron?

The conventional steam iron has an inner water tank with a capacity of around 300ml. However, a pretty standard domestic iron may only provide low steam pressure, and the tank will need to be refilled on a regular basis.

In addition, a best Steam Generator irons is a type of iron that operates on the same concept as a boiler, with the exception of the water tank as well as heating element. Because the average water tank has a capacity of about 1.8l, you can do 6 times quite so much ironing before having to visit the tap for a fill up.

Is cord storage included with a steam iron?

The existence of cord storage in steam irons is determined by the brand. A few companies consider this a standard feature, while others do not.

What distinguishes a steam iron from a regular iron?

A steam iron is a larger version of a classic iron that has additional capabilities for expert ironing.


Our best Steam Generator irons reviews covers 10 of the best irons on the market today. These multifunction devices offer unique features not found in other types of irons, like an easy-to-follow graphic display, full touch digital controls for multiple temperature options and digital timers.

In this review, Philips GC9650/80 PerfectCare Elite is one the best product in our guide. Well, it is best because of its stunning heating features as well as compact design. Moreover, it is budget friendly and heat up fast. Thus, the above best steam generator irons review is easy to apply if you do not know which one to buy.

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